Custom Formulation

Horton Spice has a long history of providing customers what they need from this critical area.

Whether the client is a Food Service Company or a chef, Horton Spice has the experience and services to get this critical function right.

With over 1000 spice and herb blends and 87 flavour and colour blends developed at Horton Spice Mills, you can trust us with your needs.

We can re-engineer any formulation that is currently in use, in either small or large runs, for one or multiple locations, depending on the customers’ needs. We also have the research capabilities to create the exact flavour you are looking for.

Just in Time Grinding

It all starts with buying fresh raw material product in bulk and then grinding just in time for maximum freshness. The final blend produces the optimum result. This is how Horton Spice has gained a reputation for delivering superior quality products.

We do private custom blends for major restaurant chains and provide them with customized packaging as well.

Ask us how we can help you!

We manufacture all of our products using Good Manufacturing Practices and following HACCP guidelines.

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Spice and Herb Blend Services