Pepper, White Whole

Produced from fully ripened berries, which are green-like/yellow and at the point of turning red. After picked, they are packed in sacks and soaked in water for just over a week. Then, the outer hull is rubbed off. The inner peppercorn is then washed and dried in the sun until they turn creamy white. Commonly used in white sauces and potato dishes.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I received my first order of spices last week. I just wanted to reach out, and tell you how pleased I am with all of the products I ordered. The difference with the products I currently use is really remarkable - colour, smell, flavour... so much richer and intense. I spent all weekend experimenting! 🙂

Shipping was fast, and service was excellent. And you have the cutest packaging ever.

I'm very happy to have found you, and intend to transition all of my spices to your products.

I look forward to doing business with Horton Spice going forward.


Food Service Client