Spices, Herbs & Seasonings

Founded in 1962 by Mr. Thomas D. Horton Sr., Horton Spice Mills Limited is a family owned Canadian business located in Markham Ontario. We import, process and distribute directly from Herbs & Spicethis Kosher certified location.

With over 1000 spice and herb blends and 87 flavour and colour blends developed at Horton Spice Mills you can trust us with your needs. We manufacture all of our products using Good Manufacturing Practices and following HACCP guidelines.

Challenge Us, see what we can do for you

Over the years, we have gathered a vast amount of experience matching, developing or even confidentially processing custom blends. We provide customers with a variety of services, from Custom Grindingcustom grinding and packaging to helping chef’s solve flavour problems through research. Horton Spice also offers Private Label services to a variety of clients.

The customers who have challenged us tell us that it was worth it!